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DStv is a satellite TV service located in South Africa. It is owned by MultiChoice. They provide high-quality satellite TV services to African especially residents of Sub-saharan Africa.

On the premium package, DStv gives you over 200 channels at your fingertips, including news, music, kids’ and sports channels.

DStv offers several packages, each with a certain number of channels. These packages are dependent on the location where the service is offered.

The DStv packages consist of Premium, Compact Plus, Compact, Family, Access, EasyView, and a few other unpopular ones.

Some names may sound strange to you. This is because they are not available in your country, as DStv makes packages country-specific to ensure they serve the best local content to their customers.

Trying to figure out what DStv packages are available? A DStv channels list shows you all the info you need to compare packages and see what is offered in each one.

Channels are divided into categories: News, Movies and Entertainment, Sports, Kids and Teens, Religion, Free channels, and International Offerings.

All DStv packages come with general entertainment and news channels like BBC World News, CNN, and Bloomberg Television. Some sports channels you should expect to find are Supersports 1 and 2, ESPN Africa, AFCON and Telly Track.

Changes to DStv’s Channel Lists for 2022/2023

If you look at your list after subscription and activation, you’ll notice some packages have been replaced with new and unfamiliar names.

You are not alone. Whenever channels appear or disappear from an active subscription, there’s a good chance DStv is making changes to its TV networks.

Sometimes they just want to bring you new and better channels, other times they want to push channels with high demand to costlier packages. I’m sure you get the ‘business’ gist right there.

But there are still other times when they terminate a contract with a TV network. When this happens, DStv will have to stop distributing content from that TV network and remove it completely from its channel line-up.

2021 and 2022 were great years for DStv subscribers and 2023 promises to be greater. This is why we do our best to bring you updated DStv channel line-ups for 2023.

We cover everything from Premium to the least package and we also present also give you all the categories available on those packages.

Updates are posted once we get information from DStv so you are sure to get the right information about the package you’re about to purchase.